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People are increasingly becoming aware about their responsibilities toward environment, and there is a growing trend of using eco-friendly products when planning a house. But, people still want their homes to have the most stylish interiors, and are often in dilemma -- whether to use materials that are less appealing but environment friendly, or just go for attractive ones and not consider green factors. The owners of homes that have used reclaimed wood do not face this dilemma. There are two reasons for this -- by not using the recently cut new trees and instead using the already used wood, they are keeping the environment in mind and are also contributing to save trees mission, and secondly, these used, old wood enhances the aura of the house, especially its interiors.

Reclaimed wood is not only aesthetically appealing but is also known for its physical characteristics such as strength, stability, and durability. Moreover, it has stood the test of time and thus has proven its value. The biggest source for this kind of wood is not forests but old barns, old factories and warehouses built during the industrial revolution. This wood can be used to build staircases, furniture, wooden flooring, and more.

However, one needs to be careful while purchasing reclaimed wood as there are many vendors who dupe their customers. First, one needs to understand the difference between a new wood and the old, used one. This will help in making the right purchase and recognizing the vendors who are selling the new wood in the name of reclaimed lumber. Its always a good idea to purchase used wood from well-known sellers and who can be trusted. Friends and colleagues can help in zeroing on the right vendor. Always look out for the certificate mark from FSC certified that confirms that the wood is really the used one.

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Reclaimed Wood

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This article was published on 2010/10/22