How to build a Wakeboard Kicker

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How to build a Wakeboard kicker

If you are passionate in wakeboarding and are curious enough to know how to build a wake board kicker, then you need to be in tune with the present trend of practicing the thrilling sport of wakeboarding. The accessories like wakeboarding slider and wakeboarding kickers are much in vogue and this has evoked desires of building wakeboarding sliders in every young hearts that cherish the thrills of wakeboarding. It is a toilsome job undoubtedly but a passionate wakeboard rider is not held back by the perils of the laborious activity. Prior to undertaking the activity, you must decide on the size of the kicker you are willing to possess.

The attempt to build a kicker starts with a quick rush to the nearby hardware store and buying the necessary ingredients. Wood, which is the prime ingredient, should be purchased in adequate quantities. This should be followed by building a large square or a rectangular table. The top surface of the table needs 1 inch by 4 inches of wood in ply form and the structure of the table needs 2 x 4's or 2 x 6's of wood in ply form to be erected. After building the table, 16 penny coated nails need to be hammered for securing the corners. In the next place, the floor is to be laid with nailing it at the corners and inside the borders of the table. Follow this by laying the plywood on both the sides of the platform and hammer in 6-penny nails but in such an activity, coated nails should always be used, as they would not stick out on being wet.

This is the time you must line it with Styrofoam. The Styrofoam must be placed very heavily in between the slats, waterproof caulk and the edges. It would certainly be unwise to be thrifty in this regard, as this would help in keeping the water out from the kicker and this would prevent the wood from being damaged. This is to be followed by erecting a ramp for the kicker. Depending upon the desired steepness of the inclination you may make a move accordingly with some treated wood. Now the ramp and the kicker need to be assorted with stainless steel hinges.

Follow this up with the placing of the ramp on the outward portion of the table that has been built and this is to be nailed with the entire might you have. Once this has been done, the kickers are to be fixed and then nailed. Lastly, kickers are to be inserted by taking glances from the bottom and repeat the nailing process. However, you must remember to paint the wood prior to hammer upon the first nail that is to make its way through the wooden plank. This actually makes the wood more durable. When the kicker is ready to be assorted, multiple layers of latex paint needs to be used to give the kicker a colorful look.

At the end of this toilsome activity, you are blessed with the assurance of seeing a stiff and smart wakeboard kicker erected ready to be a companion on a wakeboarding venture.


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How to build a Wakeboard Kicker

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