5 Different Parts Of The Lathe Machine

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Lathe equipment is utilized in order to smooth wood surfaces and create shapes. Lathe machinists and craftsmen use this type of machine for customizing and making wood products. Lathes can carve designs into wood and make tables,chair legs, cue sticks, baseball bats and any wood items into a cylindrical shape. If you work with glass or metal, you can get lathes for those jobs too. If you want to operate a lathe properly and be aware of when the spindle is in need of repair and how to maintain the machinery, it is important to be familiar with all the different parts.

The Headstock Component

The headstock on a lathe keeps the upper end of the spindle firmly in place. This also includes a device to turn the wood. The way in which you adjust the speed of the spindle is to use a number of pulleys you can find in the back of the headstock. The wood piece stays in place even while the spindle spins due to a chuck or high-tension spring that steadies it.

The Tailstock?

The lathe machine, which has a centering mechanism that is attached to the wooden piece, is kept in a stationary position by the tailstock. The center can turn with the wood or stay in one place. Within the rotating device or live center are bearings that permit movement.

Both cutting tools (gauge and chisel), finishing tools and spear

Different types of cutting tools on the lathe machine can be attached on the basis of project type undertaken. A gouging tool is widely utilized as an implement for removing excess wood. To perfect the details of a carving, one can use the skew chisel. Round chisels and small spears give them intricate finishing. Finishing tools are best for buffing the wood because their rounded-off ends prevent them from slicing any more material than needed.


The lathe's cutting tool is steadied by the carriage, giving the craftsmen the freedom to do his work. Five different components - namely the saddle, the compound rest, the apron, the cross-slide and the tool rest - make up the carriage. The parts work with each other to help guide the cutting tool into the correct position.


Lathe spindles have 3 configurations. All these three models are interconnecting and related. In the threaded model it is not easy to connect the chuck, and this model is very old one. Cam-lock spindles slides into a ring of similar holes and contain cam studs on one end. When you turn the chuck key, the studs will be locked into place. At the tip of the tapered spindle, which is narrow, you will find a collar that is threaded, with a chuck key incorporated.

The invention of the lathe machine has made the creation of wood products easier, faster and less physically demanding for the craftsman. Lathe machines also provide craftsmen with more precise results.
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5 Different Parts Of The Lathe Machine

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This article was published on 2010/11/06